Mr. Marco Virdis was born in Giba in the province of Cagliari in 1957. He moved to the Lombardy region aged 14 and started his working career in a company in the plastics industry. After many years’ hard work, he worked his way up to plant manager and decided to become his own boss, and in 1990 founded VI.BR snc in Caronno Pertusella (VA).

An artisan company that produces under contract for large companies in the cold chain sector. In 2005, with a desire to expand production and with his two children on board the production team he decided to invest in new buildings and founded the new company Virdis S.r.l. Headquartered in Lonate Ceppino (VA).

The continuous growth and assertion in the relevant sectors allowed the company to further expand in 2008 with the purchase of a new site, increasing production capacity by 30%. In 2017, the company elected to use all the available space for polyurethane skimming activities and purchase a new location where a new plastic material thermoforming department would be created.

After over thirty years activity, as of today, with 4,000 m² and 28 qualified operatives available, Virdis S.r.l. is among some of the largest contract suppliers for the production of thermoforming plastic materials and polyurethane skimming in Lombardy.


Polyurethane skimmer in 1989



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