Plastics thermoforming and polyurethane foaming

Craftsmanship and efficiency at the service of industrial sectors


Plastics processing and polyurethane foaming – refrigeration system insulation

Over its thirty years of experience, Virdis Srl has evolved and is now a reference point in Italy and internationally for the processing of plastics, thermoforming and polyurethane foaming.

Our team of expert engineers, technicians and operators is specialised in offering high quality services for all companies, enterprises and businesses operating throughout the Italian peninsula; indeed, thermoforming of plastic offers full versatility and an extraordinary performance of technical parts, equipment of all types, furnishings, machine shells and much more.

We also manufacture industrial refrigeration systems and circuits with special heat and cold insulation systems, ideal for transportation activities, for the food industry sector and for commercial activities such as bars and restaurants: besides customised installations, we can supply a wide range of cold rooms, blast chillers, display cases and refrigerated counters.

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yearly growth


years of experience

Plastics thermoforming and polyurethane foaming

since 1990


We manage all plastic moulding and deformation processings in coils or sheets with professionalism and experience; this allows us to obtain accurate and flawless profiles.



We are specialised in the thermoforming of sheets or coils of  high-performance thermoplastic material; indeed, thanks to our experience and state-of-the-art machinery we can produce profiles that are less than 1mm thick.


Materials processed

All of our moulding processes use high-quality materials such as ABS and ABS/PMMA plastic, PETG, PS plastic and much more. All of these materials can withstand numerous stresses without the risk of cracking or breaking.



Our customised production includes a wide range of products for industrial and commercial use: shells and guards for machinery, technical components, indoor and outdoor furniture, containers for medical devices and much more.

Over 170 thousand kg of polyurethane produced per year

Polyurethane foaming

The injection of polyurethane foam lend systems and products perfect thermal and acoustic insulation: their functionality and resistance make them ideal for numerous industrial applications.


The process

Virdis Srl performs polyurethane foaming directly at our plant using pressurised machinery and tools, able to distribute the foam uniformly on any surface or product.


Thermal insulation

The injection of a polyurethane foam offers any components excellent thermal insulation properties, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors.


Industrial refrigeration

We use our know-how and ultra high-performance products to guarantee all your refrigeration systems aperfect, efficient and reliable thermal insulation.

Complete production

Industrial refrigeration systems

Virdis Srl has long-standing experience in the design, manufacture and finishing of complete cooling plants and systems: we deal with all the stages of the process, from customised design through to the thermoforming of parts, their insulation and assembly. All of our products are certified and accompanied by the necessary documentation to offer you peace of mind and guarantee traceability.

Choose the type of system that best meets the needs of your commercial and industrial activity.



Do you manage a restaurant, bar or bistro? Or do you own a company that processes raw materials, a dairy or sausage factory? Virdis Srl can develop a personalised solution for the preservation of food and other ingredients at low temperatures: blast chillers, freezers, wine cellars and refrigerated display cases of all sizes and capacities. All of the systems are designed to be functional and reliable with low energy consumption.



Safety, efficiency and versatility are the key words when we speak of refrigeration for the transport sector: whatever the product category transported, it is essential to be able to count on a refrigeration system that keeps the temperature constant without risks. Our refrigerated and isothermal containers, designed to solve this problem, can be personalised, are easy to controland are fitted with numerous safety systems to ensure that they function correctly.



We work alongside companies that operate in the refrigeration sectors, offering customisable refrigeration solutions and systems. Our decades’ long experience allows us to count on a complete skill-set to design and perform thermoforming, plastic moulding, finishing and polyurethane foaming processings. Moreover, thanks to our ISOPOD® technology we can design and supply insulating covers, shells and sheaths to guarantee the efficiency of all your systems.




Development and production of thermoformed sheaths in polyethylene

Virdis Srl

Thirty years of experience at the service of companies and enterprises: thermoforming, polyurethane foaming and complete production.