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Thermoforming of plastic materials

For more than fifteen years the company Virdis Srl has worked with commitment and professionalism in the plastic materials processing sector, producing high quality solutions and profiles for third parties, for the construction of cooling systems and cold rooms, for claddings and much more. Thermoforming, that is hot moulding, is a process that involves a heated mould, thanks to which it is possible to make a “vacuum” chamber for perfect adherence of a thin polymeric extruded sheet or coil. The result is a flawless profile with millimetre precision, ideal therefore for cladding refrigeration systems, insulating pipes and other industrial uses.

The thermoforming processing offered by Virdis Srl offers Clients a customised item with complex shapes at a lower price than traditional injection, milling or cutting processes. Depending on the needs and technical or quality specifications indicated by the Client, it is also possible to use different materials, all quality certified and fully respectful of the environment.

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The many advantages of thermoforming

The entire process, controlled and supported by perfect man-machine synergy, allows us to make thermoformed pieces of extremely high quality and offer the Client many advantages, including:

Flexible production, with orders of even just a few dozen pieces;
Greater profit in terms of efficiency during the processing, thanks above all to the reduced economic investment;
Convenience compared to injection moulding;
Rapid manufacturing, of both pilot moulds and prototypes and of finished products;
– Possibility of choosing between different polymer mixture and thickness, from 8mm to less than 1mm;
Good resistance to all the main physical, thermal and mechanical stresses
Possibility of personalisation of the profiles in terms of colours and materials.



We have the professionalism and know-how needed to guarantee perfect results also for the processing of deep thermoformed pieces, with specific dimensions andminimum thicknesses; the use of state-of-the-art industrial technologies allows us to obtain profiles with millimetre thickness that can, however, effortlessly withstand major stresses without the risk of cracks, breaks or deformations.



To exploit the full potential of the thermoforming technology and to meet the needs expressed by clients, Virdis Srl uses a wide choice of plastics and materials, all characterised by excellent performance and resistance characteristics: you can choose from PS, ABS, ABS+PMMA plastics and polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PETG. All of our materials are certified and accompanied by documentation regarding their traceability.



Deformed plastic materials are commonly used in a range of industrial sectors, including those dedicated to the manufacture of industrial and private vehicles, in the hospital and biomedical sector, for the manufacture of cabling, lighting components, air conditioning systems, furniture for homes and offices, refrigeration industry.

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