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Virdis Srl in Lonate Ceppino, Varese

Our company owes its origins to the insight and entrepreneurial spirit of Marco Virdis, born in 1957. After having worked for years for companies that process and mould plastic materials in Lombardy, realising the needs and requirements of the modern industrial and commercial sector, Virdis decided to go it alone and founded a small craft business, called VI.BR Snc, specialised in the contract processing of plastics, above all for the refrigeration sector.

In 2005, driven by an ambition to expand its production and supported by his two sons, Mr Virdis and VI.BR Snc saw a long period of major changes and renovation. The result? A new company, Virdis Srl, and a new plant in Lonate Ceppino (VA), with warehouses, industrial sheds andmanufacturing plants coordinated by a staff of highly qualified operators and technicians.

Today, we work for companies, commercial and private activities that need high quality products for the refrigeration sector, for thermoforming, moulding, modelling, and transforming of cutting-edge plastics.

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A brief timeline

Marco Virdis is born in Giba, in the district of Cagliari.
At the age of 14, he moves to Lombardy, where he begins his career: his first job is in the industrial materials processing sector.
Mr Virdis decides to delve in entrepreneurship and founds a small craft business called VI.BR Snc. The workshop is located in Caronno Pertusella, in the province of Varese. The company mainly deals with the processing of plastics on behalf of third parties.
Along with his sons, Marco Virdis establishes a new company, Virdis Srl, with headquarters in Lonate Ceppino (VA), specialised in the manufacture of complete plants for the refrigeration industry, thermoforming and ecological polyurethane forming.
The company expands and moves to a new site: these new headquarters, with over 4000 sq.m of industrial sheds and production plants, lead to an increase in the production capacity in terms of volume and quality.
Today, the company works locally and throughout Italy as a reference point for the moulding and thermoforming of plastic, insulation, design and manufacture of refrigeration systems for activities and companies of all types.

Customised assistance for your company

Virdis Srl is one of the main third party providers of plastic processing and turnkey finished products with polyurethane foam, ideal for businesses, companies and commercial activities operating in sectors where strict temperature control is required, for example, the food sector and road transport one.

From our headquarters in Lonate Ceppino we are able to offer and provide an unrivalled top-quality service not only throughout Italy, but also in other countries in Europe and the United States.

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Virdis Srl

Thirty years of experience at the service of companies and enterprises: thermoforming, polyurethane foaming and complete production.