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Refrigeration for the food industry

Correct management and maintenance of low temperatures is fundamental for the correct preservation of foods: for this reason, all the companies in the sector must have an appropriate and reliable refrigeration system that is easy to control and, above all, safe. Indeed, it is important that the plant is not a risk for the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the foods.

Virdis Srl offers its clients a wide range of professional products and equipment for the maintenance of the high energy efficiency temperatures, available in customisable configurations to optimise all your industrial and production processes. Indeed, thanks to a skilful union of technological innovationprecisionprofessionalism, and many years of experience, we are able to work with CNC stations, thermoforming and foaming operations to manufacture new machines for refrigeration: cold roomsrefrigerated cabinets and countersblast chillers.

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A multi-functional product for all your processings

Our refrigeration units are suitable for various activities in the food sector: small bars, restaurants and tavernsice cream parloursgrocery stores and supermarketswholesalerssmall and large farmersraw material processing companiesindustrial kitchens, and artisan workshops. In all these environments it is important to have a suitable refrigerated space that must not only be easy to install and control, but which also allows your activity not to waste precious energy.

Our state-of-the-art products have been designed ex novo to solve all needs, thanks also to the customisation service we offer through a series of ad hoc consultancy: our professional technicians will give shape to your requests and needs, designing a customised plant that can concretely help you carry out your work, always in compliance with all the most stringent applicable laws and regulations. 

A safe, reliable system, always

All of our products are ideal also for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, to process raw materials and, in general, in all industrial sectors that require low temperatures. The extreme precision of the temperatures that these systems guarantee allow you to markedly increase your productivity, also minimising the risk of ruining your products or irreparably altering their nutritional and organoleptic properties: for this reason, we use inert materials and sealed circuits, besides CNC stations for millimetre precision processing. The redundancy of the various refrigeration circuits guarantees high-level performance in the rare case of problems or malfunctions in a part of the system, regardless of their type or size.

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