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Virdis Srl is a regional and national pioneering leader in the commercial and industrial insulation sector: our main aim has always been to offer our clients a high-quality service and a finished product with a long life and that can maintain high standards of productivity and functionality also when subject to particularly intense working rhythms.

Also for this reason we have conceived and developed ISOPOD®, an innovative insulation and protection system for cables, pipes and other components of heat-cold systems: with special shells and sheaths in closed cell expanded cross-linked polyethylene, we are able to guarantee perfect insulation and completely eliminate the condensation produced by the circulation of fluids, gels or industrial refrigerant gases.

Do you have a refrigeration system or circuit and want to protect the different components with a state-of-the-art anti-condensation sheath? Our team of professional technicians, designers and operators is at your disposal to make customised parts: fill in the form, call us or send an e-mail to receive more information or arrange an appointment. From our headquarters in Lonate Ceppino, in the province of Varese, we operate throughout the peninsula.



We listen to and process all the specifications and needs expressed by our clients, and design customised ISOPOD® parts. We also undertake all the costs of the design and construction of the prototype moulds with the aim of supporting the client as much as possible.


Using the technical specifications and details agreed with the client, our expert technicians produce a series of pilot moulds, using them for all the prototyping stages. To produce the specimen pieces we use only certified, high-performance materials that are resistant to UV/B rays and are scratch-proof.


Within seven days from receiving the order, we send the client the prototype, at ZERO cost, ensuring that every request has been fulfilled. We proceed with full-scale production only after receiving confirmation of the sample.



The innovative insulation system by means of thermoformed polyethylene foam skins

Virdis Srl: insulation takes shape

The ISOPOD® protection and insulation system can be installed in many categories of products, components and systems, including:

– evaporators, couplings of refrigeration circuits andcompressors;
– circulators, condensers, valves and heat exchangers;
– pumps and expansion vessels, cisterns and tanks, pipes;
– filters and liquid separators.

Thanks to the excellent heat-cold insulation properties (from -63°C to 140°C) of the material, all the pieces guarantee efficiency and reliability regardless of the plant you own: in heating applications, for example, they reduce the dispersion of the heat and improve efficiency by up to 40%, leading also to a drastic reduction in energy consumption and the related costs. If, instead, you have commercial or industrial refrigeration, ISOPOD® helps you to prevent the formation of ice and condensation on the surface of many components that could cause their premature breakage.

Ask for a free quotation or personalised consultancy by filling in the form; you can contact us by telephone or by e-mail. We are active throughout Italy!

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