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The staff of Virdis Srl, company located in Lonate Ceppino (VA) and active throughout Italy, has decades of experience in the thermoplastic processing and thermal insulation industrial sector for companies and diverse commercial and industrial activities. Over time we have evolved and expanded, offering ever-better and evermore customised services based on the needs and specifications of our clients; aware of today’s challenges that have to be faced and overcome to remain efficient and competitive on the market, we have chosen to develop and manage complete and customised refrigeration systems: refrigerators, refrigerated counters and display cases, cold rooms and blast chillers, freezers and instruments specifically designed to maintain low temperatures, also extreme ones.

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A customised product for each company

Whether you manage a small business or neighbourhood grocery, a large-scale distribution chain, a specialised transport company or a large industrial plant, you will certainly need a reliable and efficient refrigeration system. Our designers and specialised technicians have therefore created a line of complete products and turnkey plants, all customised in compliance with your specifications; each Virdis Srl branded model is manufactured and finished with 5-axis CNC stations, guaranteeing millimetre precision in all the cutting, milling, grinding and perforation stages.



Refrigeration in the food sector is fundamental to ensure the perfect conservation of foods and raw materials: to help you remain efficient and safe, we propose various models of commercial and industrial cold rooms, blast chillers, refrigerated counters and display cases, freezers and refrigerators, all completely customisable and adaptable to your spaces and needs.



One of the most delicate stages for products that require a constant temperature is their transport, above all by road: your vehicle must have all the systems necessary to conserve not only foods but also medicines, chemical compounds and other products that are sensitive to heat and changes in temperature. Our customised production includes customized isothermal containers and specifically-designed cold rooms to respect all the regulations and offer you efficiency and reliability.



Our company is specialised in the design, construction and assembly of temperature maintenance systems such as industrial blast chillers, refrigerators and cold rooms of all sizes and capacities; all the systems are versatile and able to resist event the most extreme stresses, guaranteeingrefrigeration industries reliable and safe assistance. Find out more by contacting us using the form: we are at your service also to study a customised project!

Virdis Srl

Thirty years of experience at the service of companies and enterprises: thermoforming, polyurethane foaming and complete production.