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Polyurethane foaming

Virdis Srl is a leader at Italian and international level in polyurethane processing and foaming of customised pieces for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses: specifically, we use this state-of-the-art product to guarantee the perfect thermal insulation of ice trays, refrigerated counters and cold rooms of all types. Indeed, the injection of these polyurethane foams allows the insulation and protection of many components; moreover, the processing has a dual advantage as it allowsenergy cost savings and it protect pipes and refrigeration systems against wear, prolonging their life.

All the foams used in our plant are certified by the UL – Underwriters Laboratories international body: the certification demonstrates the ongoing commitment of Virdis and its staff to create customised solutions using high performance materials.

For information, to speak to a consultant or request a customized quotation, you can contact us using the form or by telephone. We can deliver throughout Italy from our headquarters in Lonate Ceppino, in the province of Varese.

Why use a polyurethane foam

One of the many properties of polyurethane, besides its resistance to stresses and its thermal insulation properties, is that of being able to be transformed into and used as a foam. This foam is the result of the mixing of two main components – polyols and polyisocyanates – with an expanding agent and other additives to make the product stable and durable.

Available in different qualities, the foam is able to set rapidlyexpanding and solidifying; its expansion potential allows it to fill all cavities, increasing in volume by up to three times.

Choosing the right type of foam is fundamental because each foam is suited for a specific need, above all more intensive uses such as for industrial cold rooms, where it is crucial to guarantee perfect filling and excellent technical performance.



The foaming process requires in-depth knowledge and the use of professional machinery and products, able to ensure a flawless result: Virdis Srl uses only polyurethane foams of excellent quality and professional operators during all the stages of the work.



One of the most common and appreciated uses of polyurethane foam is the thermal insulation of machinery and industrial plants: specifically, it is possible to optimise the performance of cold rooms, blast chillers and other cold and heat maintenance systems.



In all contexts where a reliable, high-performance and safe refrigeration circuit is required, polyurethane foaming plays a fundamental role: indeed, besides increasing efficiency, this processing drastically reduces consumption and, consequently, the costs.

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