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Certified thermoforming

Virdis Srl, engaged in plastic moulding and polyurethane foaming for a range of industrial sectors, pays great attention to innovation in the sector, not only as regards the manufacturing processes, but also the company policies.

Every day we work with passion and professionalism to improve and reinforce our corporate structure, developing a reliable and effective management system; our environmental policies are also subject to regular updates and reviews in order to continue to grow organically and in a perfectly synergetic way with the rest of the industry and the modern world.

We are proud to be a UNI EN 9001:2015 certified company, demonstrating our capacity to deliver high-quality products and services and to respect applicable standards and regulations.

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Virdis Srl

Thirty years of experience at the service of companies and enterprises: thermoforming, polyurethane foaming and complete production.