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The green evolution of the industry

Today, the keyword in the industry is environmental sustainability. Indeed, to support the organic and balanced growth of a company, it is essential to implement technologies and practices that are environmentally aware and respectful of the conditions of its workers and the resources available on our planet.

This is what we are talking about with Green Technology, or “clean technology”: all those solutions that can reduce or completely eliminate the damage caused to our environment and the local and global ecosystems.

Virdis Srl, aware of its pivotal role in the thermoplastic processing and industrial heat-cold insulation market, has worked and continues to work with passion and commitment to develop new manufacturing and management processes, using materials that can combine performance and sustainability.

Our concrete commitment to environmental sustainability

To achieve our objectives, we have decided to use only 100% certified and traceable materials, with raw materials obtained from renewable resources and decent working conditions. Our polyurethane foam, for example, has been studied by authoritative and internationally acknowledged laboratories; the same selection process is adopted for the thermoplastics we use, so that the use of fossil fuels can be minimised and the performance and life maximised.

Virdis Srl

Thirty years of experience at the service of companies and enterprises: thermoforming, polyurethane foaming and complete production.