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Insulation for industrial refrigeration

Our specialised department deals with the professional foaming of entire systems or individual components, also thermoformed, for the thermal and acoustic insulation of equipment and machines used in industrial refrigeration. Operational throughout Italy, our company has decades of experience and high-level know-how to offer each client a lasting, resistant and effective foaming service.

Correct insulation of your refrigerated counters, ice-maker machines, blast chillers and vending machines is essential to maintain a constant temperature, thus minimising the risk of reduced performance, malfunctions, loss of cold or infiltrations. Moreover, thanks to the correct and complete insulation of the circuit, you can save on energy costs and reduce emissions.

If you are interested in our services but don’t know which processing best meets your needs, we are at your service. You can contact us using the form or by telephone; we are active throughout Italy.


The advantages of polyurethane foam

We use only high-quality products and internationally certified polyurethane foam, arranging also for the necessary documentation to be provided; this offers you peace of mind even if your plant is subject to intense stresses or periods of high productivity.

The injection of this foam product allows perfect insulation also of difficult corners to reach and extremely complex refrigeration systems: unlike traditional insulation with glass or rock wool, foam expands quickly and fills all cavities without problems, thus avoiding the formation of “blisters” that could favour the dispersion of the cold and reduce the efficiency of your machinery.

Virdis Srl: professionalism, know-how and safety

Like many other industrial and commercial sectors, industrial refrigeration requires the care of an expert, who is not only able to offer the best materials and products currently available on the market, but who can solve any problem arising during use and offer unrivalled assistance.

Our company works alongside large Italian industrial and commercial enterprises, small local businesses and large refrigeration industries, assisting them with a polyurethane foaming and thermal insulation service on behalf of third parties. For more information or to request a non-binding quotation, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this website.

Virdis Srl

Thirty years of experience at the service of companies and enterprises: thermoforming, polyurethane foaming and complete production.