Expanded polyurethane foaming

We perform foaming of all components thanks to a state-of-the-art high-pressure plant able to cover and treat the most complex panels and parts.

The insulation sector uses polyurethane foam, whose injection in cavities and empty spaces guarantees perfect thermal insulation also at extreme temperatures. Some products for which we perform foaming, also on behalf of third parties, are cold rooms and refrigerated cabinets, equipment for the refrigeration industry and refrigerated counters.

The foaming, that is carried out rapidly at our plant, resists a wide range of physical and mechanical stresses, adheres perfectly to all of our thermoforming materials and is able to lengthen the life of pipes and systems, helping you to save on energy consumption costs.

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The foaming process

The product

Polyurethane foaming is the result of a process known as “cross linking of polymers”; stabilising agents and additives are added to the polymer compound obtained that allow the foam to expand.


When the foam is ready for use, it is inserted in a plant designed to exert high and low pressures, that allows any parts in plastic or metal to be covered with a uniform layer.


After injection, the personnel inspect the piecein detail, assessing the degree of adherence and expansion of the product, that must not have any physical or structural defects.



At this point it is possible to continue with the various finishing operations, for example, trimming, in which theexcess polyurethane foam is removed. The cuts, holes and grooves are then made on the component. 


If the component is part of a plant (also of our production) this is assembled by our professional installers who use ultra-high performance glues and infrared welding to guarantee a perfect seal.


After a further control, the finished product is packed with care and sent directly to the Client. We also supply all the documentation regarding the materials used and processing performed.

A daily commitment to help your company

Virdis operates with passion and experience to reach and exceed what has always been our main objective: to meet your industrial and processing needs, above all in the refrigeration sector. To reach this aim we follow high-level training and refresher courses that allow us to keep abreast of the most recent innovations in the sector.

It is thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the sector and to the state-of-the-art technologies used at our plant that we can guarantee our clients extremely high quality standardsand excellent performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, also in the case of extremely complex projects.

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