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Thermoforming moulds service

Our company, which has been operating actively in the modelling and moulding of thermoformed products and components for years, offers clients a range of ancillary services and other processings that can help them reach new production and efficiency goals.

We are able to rapidly manufacture pilot moulds and prototypes of individual pieces, thanks to a well-equipped workshop and state-of-the-art CNC stations; we can also make modifications and repairs to moulds, adapting them to your needs and requests.

We can assemble parts and plants with express delivery using trusted hauliers; we have also forged solid relationships with numerous sector specialists and partnerships with assembly and maintenance experts.

Does your company need specialist assistance for the production of thermoformed parts and polyurethane foaming, and you don’t know who to turn to? Virdis Srl is the company for you: fill in the form now or call us to speak to a consultant.



Our company, in perfect synergy with a wide network of collaborators and experts, is able to manage the entire assembly stage, even for very large refrigeration systems or complex thermoformed parts.

assembly-finishing-products-for-third parties


A dedicated department deals with the design, manufacture and inspection of all the moulds we use during the various moulding and forming stages: all the moulds can also be adapted and, in the case of breakage, repaired.



With our CNC stations we are able to complete the finishing stage in a safe and guaranteed way, with millimetre precision. In this way you can be sure that each part fits perfectly.



We can store all the semi-finished products, raw materials and finished products in our large warehouse (over 1500 sq.m): this allows us also to respect even the most demanding delivery times.

Turn to the professionals in the industry

What are you waiting for? Virdis Srl, operating throughout Italy, offers you targeted assistance and an all-round service that will allow you to obtain high quality finished pieces and have at your side a company with more than thirty years of experience.

Please contact us using the form for any request, to receive a quotation or to speak personally with a member of our staff. Our company offers its services up and down the length of the peninsula.

Virdis Srl

Thirty years of experience at the service of companies and enterprises: thermoforming, polyurethane foaming and complete production.