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Insulation with polyurethane foam

Virdis Srl, at the service of enterprises and companies throughout Italy, is a leader in the thermal and acoustic insulation of products and plants operating in industries, companies and commercial activities, above all for industrial refrigeration. Indeed, this sector requires the filling of all the cavities with a special polyurethane foam to eliminate thermal dispersion, allowing a uniform temperature to be maintained in the system; this is fundamental to guarantee the efficiency of cold rooms, refrigerated counters and much more.

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An innovative and multifunctional material

Polyurethane spray or in foamis now an extremely important product in many construction, industrial and civil works: it has numerous advantages compared to other types of insulation, firstly its versatility of use and the capacity to effortlessly adapt to small cavities or in corners that cannot be reached by other products such as glass or rock wool panels.

Moreover, being an inert substance, polyurethane does not have negative interactions with other materials or people; it does not emit fibres or polluting or harmful particles, does not cause any symptoms and also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Its use also markedly reduces energy consumption, helping you to save on energy costs and protect the environment.

An innovative solution for industrial insulation

For the thermal insulation of your industrial and commercial refrigeration systems, choose the know-how and professionalism that only Virdis Srl can offer you: for over fifteen years we have been at the service of all Italian companies and activities, making finished products and offering extremely high quality processing. Our assistance service has also been designed and set up to offer a personalised solution to meet your needs.

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